Katherine Gray

It was her love of Victoria that prompted Katherine Gray to switch career paths and enter the real estate field. Katherine had been working in commercial leasing for shopping centres in Toronto and Alberta, before coming to Uptown in Saanich. But when her next job promised to take her to a centre in Vancouver, Katherine decided to change course.

“I decided that I loved this Island too much to leave; Since then I have put down roots, put my passion in interior design to good use, and amerced myself in the residential real estate world. I am so happy I did because every day I wake up excited to work." Katherine lives in a downtown character home with her husband and two wiener dogs Oscar and Grizzly.

She sees the challenges she has faced as a highlight in her career; “Each sale is different and you can learn something new from each client, and I love that. I am able to stay true to myself and my values along the way which set the groundwork for an exciting future.” Katherine loves working with people, and the majority of her clients turn into friends that she says in touch with, offering advice and encouragement through their various endeavours.

“I also love the home aspect, I love interior design and seeing the potential in all the types of homes. My brand is very much about lifestyle. Victoria has such a unique lifestyle to offer, and I love being able to give people the opportunity to be a part of it."
Katherine's commercial background gives her a knowledge that allows her to be comfortable in major transactions while understanding the importance of the fine details.

“Negotiating was a huge part of my job and still is today. I have a strong balance when it comes to the confidence in my abilities to represent you best, while at the same time making the process as smooth as possible for my clients."
“This process can be emotional with many highs and lows and I am always working with my clients to make sure they are educated and informed every step of the way.”

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