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Lucas Callejas

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Lucas Callejas is an accomplished real estate agent with over $30 million in closed sales transactions and over $20 million in contract for 2021. His broad exposure to buyers and sellers equips him to handle any and all challenges in the New York real estate market. Lucas consistently meets and exceeds his clients’ expectations, regardless of market conditions.

His extensive background in fast-paced retail environments makes him an impressive real estate professional with a keen understanding of buyer psychology. Combined with an extensive knowledge of the New York City market and its submarkets, Lucas is well positioned to bring value to both buyers and sellers.

His unwavering work ethic, integrity, and straightforward nature are standout qualities that make him the go-to advisor for both his clients and other real estate professionals. Armed with The Agency’s suite of tools including advanced marketing strategies and top quality market data and analytics, Lucas goes above and beyond the standard transaction experience.

Lucas's Listings

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Open House
Dec 4, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
1 BD, 1 BA, 950 SF, co-op
courtesy of The Agency

Lucas's Transaction History

Address Price Type
138 West 17th Street, 5th Floor $3,700,000 Sold
277 5TH Avenue, 36B $3,241,500 Sold
319 West 14th Street, PH $2,950,000 Sold
136 West 24th Street, 4R $2,876,000 Sold
130 West 17th Street, 7N $2,865,000 Sold
478 West Broadway, 3S $2,700,000 Sold
5 Riverside Drive, 8A $2,250,000 Sold
321 West 13th Street, 6A $2,150,000 Sold
49 Chambers Street, 6G $1,618,500 Sold
157 East 32nd Street, 18B $1,215,000 Sold
300 West 109th Street, 10G $1,215,000 Sold
434 Audubon Avenue $1,100,000 Sold
23-43 31st Road, 5B $1,080,000 Sold
168 East 90th Street, 2W $999,000 Sold
250 West 16th Street, LG $999,000 Sold
23-43 31st Road, 5A $989,000 Sold
425 East 79th Street, 11K $970,000 Sold
241 West 108th Street, 6B $950,000 Sold
1760 Second Avenue, 2C $945,000 Sold
609 West 114th Street, 62 $895,000 Sold
415 East 37th Street, 8C $855,000 Sold
25 Broad Street, 5N $840,000 Sold
300 West 135th Street, 9B $825,000 Sold
23-43 31st Road, 5C $798,000 Sold
200 Rector Place, 23L $785,000 Sold
156-08 Riverside Drive West, 3E $772,000 Sold
23-43 31st Road, 4F $759,000 Sold
23-43 31st Road, 2E $752,500 Sold
23-43 31st Road, 3A $749,000 Sold
23-43 31st Road, 2A $747,000 Sold