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Nancy, a native New Yorker, embarked on her professional journey in Syracuse where she found her passion in teaching 7th-8th grade math. Her dedication to shaping young minds was palpable, and she reveled in the challenges and rewards of the classroom. However, fate had other plans in store when an invitation from friends beckoned her to the snow-capped peaks of Colorado for a winter of skiing, in 1974. "We went to a ski shop to buy my new skis and the owner asked us where in Colorado we were planning to go and we said we didn't know, yet. And, he said, 'You should check out Steamboat. It's a quiet little ranching town, very laid back and exquisitely beautiful, and the skiing is the best in the world. If I could go anywhere, I'd go there.' And, I will be forever grateful for his wonderful advice."

What began as a temporary escapade soon transformed into a lifelong love affair with Steamboat Springs. Enchanted by the town's down to earth and welcoming locals and the serenity of the mountains, Nancy made Steamboat her home.

Unexpectedly, the realm of real estate presented itself as an enticing opportunity, nudging Nancy to explore uncharted territory. Encouraged by a friend, she embraced the challenge and obtained her license, stepping into a world she hadn't envisioned for herself. Balancing the roles of wife and mother of a little daughter and a budding real estate profession, Nancy discovered an innate knack for connecting with clients who shared her passion for the Yampa Valley.

Over the years, Nancy has cultivated a diverse network of friends from varied walks of life, each enriching her with their unique perspectives and experiences. This rich tapestry of relationships has equipped her with a deep understanding of the community she serves, allowing her to effortlessly translate her insights into invaluable guidance for her clients.

With her genuine affinity for Steamboat Springs, Nancy continues to thrive in her role as a trusted real estate advisor. Her boundless enthusiasm, coupled with her intimate knowledge of the local market, ensures that each client receives tailored attention and support on their journey to find their way to a home in the Yampa Valley.