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Rafael Bagheri

Sales Representative
Rafael Bagheri received his Bachelor of Health Science from Western University. He then went on to attend the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2006. With over seventeen years of clinical practice, having owned clinics in Vancouver and Toronto serving thousands of patients, his approach to real estate at The Agency Toronto is rooted in genuine compassion and unrivaled commitment to excellence.

In addition to his clinical work, Rafael has more than a decade of corporate wellness speaking experience and has given talks throughout Canada. He is also a regular featured guest of the Datai Resort as part of their international health practitioner series.

Having worked with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, Rafael understands that everyone has unique needs and responds to different communication styles. Years of patient service and public speaking has allowed him to master his communication skills and be a powerful voice for his clients, giving them confidence that he will deliver for them, no matter what their real estate goals.

Rafael's Featured Past Transactions

Toronto, ON, Canada
0 BD, 0 BA, Condo
Listing courtesy of The Agency
MLS® Number: a0V4U00000CS124UAD
London, ON, Canada
0 BD, 0 BA, Single-Family
Listing courtesy of The Agency
MLS® Number: a0V4U00000GSz94UAD