Rob Trinh

Raised in Victoria, Rob spent most of his time enjoying island life. Having lived in Vancouver and LA, he returned back to his roots and rediscovered his love for the city.
His past clients describe him as attentive and compassionate, going above and beyond the call of duty and treating their unique scenario with diligent care.
Coming from a sales background, year after year he was awarded top performer, working as a Travel Manager for an international travel agency. His attention to detail and passion for his clients are incomparable. With a sharp business sense, Rob graduated with distinction from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Management, Majoring in Human Resources Management and Labour Relations.
Living in Fernwood with his partner, Rob truly believes the west coast is the best coast. Between real estate and family, Rob's passions are music, food and photography.

License Info:
British Columbia185430
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