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Sheru Pastiya

CA License: 02065128
Born and raised in colorful India, Sheru has always loved adventures, yoga, and meeting new people. After receiving a bachelor's degree in advance accountancy and marketing, he decided to pack up his bags and travel the globe, teaching meditation and conscious living to enrich the lives of those around him along the way.

It's during his stay in LA where he discovered his passion for real estate - through witnessing and helping his exclusive clientele overcome the emotional struggles they faced when it came to buying and selling their homes. From there, Sheru made a natural transition to Aaron Kirman Partners as he bridged his extensive network and knowledge to advise his clients in making mindful decisions.

He recognizes and appreciates the uniqueness of the various LA neighborhoods, being a resident himself since 2009. Combining mindfulness and attention to detail, Sheru will promote your best interests, and bring a sense of calmness to a process which may be otherwise overwhelming.

In addition to his diverse experience, you will notice Sheru's genuine friendliness and sincerity within minutes of meeting him. Whether you are buying, selling, or just need a few meditation tips, Sheru would love to connect with you.