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Spud Kendall

(Licensed as Michael Kendall)
Spud Kendall is a lifelong customer service aficionado who makes everyone feel at ease. Spud – yes, like the potato, and if you’ve met him you’ll agree his name is a perfect fit – has spent his career in the service industry and he is passionate about using his skills to better lives.

Spud spent his childhood and the first part of his career in Nephi and Provo, UT and he is highly familiar with Juab and Utah County. After falling in love with a southern girl from South Carolina, he and his wife Katie moved to Saratoga Springs and started their family, where Lucy, Amzie, Graham, and their two lovable pups all still reside today. He is enthusiastic about the growth of the southwest end of the valley and has his finger on the pulse of the new development and expansion opportunities there.

10 years ago, Spud decided to make his health a priority and started running, and today it’s a full-blown obsession. He has run countless half-, full-, and ultra-marathons, and did his first 100-miler in 2020. He hopes to complete another soon, and you’ll find him at the head of all of our Run with MOJO events.

After buying and selling multiple homes with Joey, he loved the ease and confidence with which Joey worked, and started considering a career change to real estate. He finally made the leap and joined Joey with the MOJO Team, and hasn’t looked back since! Spud specializes in the south end of the valley and his knowledge spans all the way to Juab County, and he is also the sales manager of Stack Homes, ensuring all of our modular sales representatives and clients receive the high caliber of service on which the MOJO Group prides itself.