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The Buena Vista/Ashbury neighborhood located in San Francisco, California, is a picture-perfect location. The steep streets are lined with traditional Edwardian and Victorian style single family homes in beautiful pastel colors. The neighborhood circles around the Buena Vista Park and has a population of about 39,170. It sits just east of the Golden Gate Park and just north of the Twin Peaks neighborhood. It stands out amongst the other neighborhoods because of the palm trees that adorn the streets and the tropical vibe the area has. A resident called it, “One of the most character-crammed neighborhoods the city has to offer.” The Buena Vista/Ashbury real estate market is very prestigious. The median price of homes in Buena Vista/Ashbury is $1,982,750 or $1,011 per square foot. Homes can range from $758,000 to as high as $3,395,000. Most homes in Buena Vista/Ashbury are Victorian style and date back to as early as 1896.