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Within the Coachella Valley desert region, you will find the small, unincorporated community of Bermuda Dunes. The town is about 23 miles east of Palm Springs, California. There are approximately 8,291 residents in this 2.9-square-mile area. The San Jacinto Mountains are nearby to the west and the Santa Rosa Mountains are just south of the community. The weather in Bermuda Dunes tends to be hot and dry. The hottest months are June through September, where temperatures hit an average high of 107 degrees Farenheit. There is very little humidity; the city typically relieves receives less than four inches of rain each year and experiences 354 days of sunshine. Bermuda Dunes can be a popular destination for winter tourists, as the weather stays sunny and temperatures hit just 75 degrees Farenheit. About 17 percent of residents in Bermuda Dunes are seasonal.