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Spotlight: Palazzo di Sono Featured In Ventura Blvd Magazine

by | Mar 7, 2012

Palazzo di Sono, the grand Italian estate at 11947 Iredell in Fryman Canyon Estates, is accustomed to being in the spotlight. The elegant residence poised atop a private knoll in the exclusive Studio City neighborhood has appeared in episodes of HBO’s True Blood, and it is featured regularly on E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians as the home of the Jenners. Most recently, Palazzo di Sono garnered attention in the April 2012 issue of Ventura Blvd in an in-depth profile piece titled “Hidden Treasure.”

Noting the home’s stature as “a celebrity in its own right,” the article highlights Palazzo di Sono’s extensive renovation inspired by the Medici palace in Florence and its perfect blend of modern features, sophistication and craftsmanship.

The joy and love of art imbues every surface, every viewpoint and every furnishing: fine wood details, hand-painted ceilings by artist Giorgio Tuscani and hand-crafted moldings—all inspired by the Palazzo in Florence.

“This home is a juxtaposition of eras,” The Agency’s Michelle Schwartz tells Ventura Blvd. “It instantly sends your senses into overdrive. The lush curtains of silk and rare fabrics surround your environment in unabashed luxury.”

Unabashed luxury indeed. Highlights of the 7,900 sq ft home include five Bedari 24K gold and crystal chandeliers, custom made silk window coverings, sconces from the Paris Opera House and a fountain that dates back more than 600 years that was imported from financier Malcolm Forbes’ Italian estate in Florence.

The Agency’s Craig Knizek, who is handling the high-profile property with Michelle, notes: “While it’s truly gorgeous and a beautifully curated art experience, what I like most about this house is how I can envision a family living here. There’s great space and comfortable proportions. It relaxes you to be here. Everything slows down.”

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