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Apartment Therapy’s Survival Guide To Living In Los Angeles

by | Aug 27, 2013

A land where copious amounts of Vitamin D, star power, and motor traffic converge is just the tip of the iceberg—there is much more to Los Angeles that makes it a metropolis city like no other.

To help explain why, one of our favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy, curated A Survival Guide to Life in Los Angeles, comprised of ten things that will help one navigate life in L.A., whether you call yourself an Angeleno or are just visiting.

Among the things Apartment Therapy thinks you should know: Our mornings in LA are just as active as our nights (unlike NYC, this city does sleep), we can’t rave enough about the abundance of fresh produce at our fingertips (there’s a farmers market every day of the week), and we practically wrote the book on dressing “business casual” (and we wrote it wearing shorts and flip flops).

One thing that we can definitely agree upon is that Los Angeles is a secret city, full of hidden gems that you would never stumble upon by reading an official guidebook. Think back alley parking lot-turned-hip pop-up art gallery, or the oh-so-delicious Trois Mec restaurant, which, only after guests have registered for tickets two weeks in advance, greets them in a strip mall with a fake front.

We take great pride in our culinary landscape, but realize that while New York City is a dinner reservation town, Los Angeles is a dinner party town. Invitations to enjoy an alfresco meal beside the infinity pool, within the luxe formal dining room, or perhaps down below in the Tuscan-themed wine cellar, are commonplace thanks to a city with no shortage of beautiful, architectural homes and stunning backdrops.

Our favorite item on Apartment Therapy’s list, and perhaps the truest one, is that, yes, you will talk about which route you took to get somewhere.

That SNL skit, The Californians, is true: the first few minutes of any gathering will invariably involve a discussion about how you got there, how much traffic there was and how long it took you.  Pros: You’ll learn about secret routes. Cons: People who don’t live here will think you’re crazy.

For the complete survival guide, visit Apartment Therapy’s website.

For our “Guide” to LA neighborhoods, go here.

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