Milan-based architects AM Progetti designed this striking Chinese skyscraper to be the home of the GDPE Guangdong Plastic Exchange. At 453 feet high, the impressive 33-storey doughnut features an inner hole 164 feet in diameter. It stands tall above the Pearl River in the industrial city of Guangzhou, and the reflection of the skyscraper on the water creates a figure 8, a number and symbol highly auspicious in China.

“The architectural concept is for a building that will be immediately perceived as a native Chinese landmark using a closed and central structure instead of the usual western skyscrapers stereotype," says architect Di Pasquale. “[It] is inspired by the strong iconic value of jade discs and numerological tradition of Feng Shui, in particular, the double disc of jade (bi-disk) that is the royal symbol of ancient Chinese dynasty that reigned in this area around 2000 years ago.” 

The inventive mixed-use building, which houses a hotel and elevated gardens in addition to office and retail space, is further testament to China’s efforts to reimagine the skyscraper. We love how this project redefines the traditional notions of skyscrapers.

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