Lyfe Kitchen

West Hollywood/Culver City/Tarzana/Palo Alto

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The recent phenomenon of organic food trends has gotten restaurateurs in a frenzy. In order to support the current trend of healthy eating habits, smaller portioned meals and sustainability, new restaurants that claim all organic, grain-free, locally grown, and never deep-fried have popped up on every other corner throughout LA. Of the many, Lyfe Kitchen, created by celebrity Chef Art Smith and Chef Tal Ronnen, gives you just that, but with a delicious spin.

locations_heroshot1The Lyfe story supports local farms, promotes sustainability while giving back to the community and its employees. Rooted on the foundation of eating good, feeling good and doing good, this über healthy café offers an assortment of faux-fried chicken, grass-fed Burgers and Vegetarian options of grain and Gardein sausages.

The casual setting allows you to order up front, but the wait staff delivers your meal to your table, along with any other special-sauce requests you may have (they do not have ketchup, but instead offer a homemade sweet money, or spicy Cajun sauce). Though the cuisine is inspired by healthy eating, these creative chefs have infused delicate touches of global influence to their dishes, like the Grilled Barramundi which sits on a bed of soba noodles, edamame, baby spinach and shiitake in a warm kimchi broth; or the Italianized Gardein Sausage and Mozzarella Ravioli, perfectly paired with kale broccolini and cherry tomatoes with a touch of garlic and basil.

Eating healthy no longer means chomping on dry spinach salads. Start with the awesome Chunky Guacamole, and don’t feel bad devouring a plate of Art’s Unfried (but as delicious as fried), Chicken plate. Drinks are self-serve, but you don’t have to clean your own tables!


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