At Sugarfina, the online candy store turned candy boutique in Beverly Hills, prepare yourself for a Willy Wonka-esque take on high-end sweets. Blanketed almost entirely in white, the 1,400 square foot space bears a clean, impeccable aesthetic and pretty packaging, prompting EaterLA to call it the “Tiffany & Co. of Candy”—a just comparison if you consider the store’s color branding: turquoise bento candy boxes tied with a white satin ribbon. But instead of diamond rings and silver pendants, you’ll be swooning over Chocolate Pearls, Shimmer Seashells, and Champagne Gummy Bears.

Camera_largeThe (now engaged) owners of Sugarfina take pride in curating the highest quality candies, boasting that 40% of the confections sold here can not be found elsewhere in the country. With options like Tahitian Vanilla Malt Beans, Absinthe Chocolate Cordials, and Licorice Chalk imported from Holland, we’ll take their word for it.

Is there a special photographer or writer in your life? Sugarfina offers two creative valentines for the creative at heart. Choose the “We Just Click” camera or the “You’re Just My Type” 1940s vintage typewriter, both made of solid dark chocolate and painted by hand with edible bronze shimmer dust. It would be rather difficult meeting his or her deadline with either, but the gesture is just too sweet to pass up!

Sugarfina // 9495 S. Santa Monica Blvd. // Beverly Hills // 855.784.2734