By Max Mervis

We dog owners are a strange breed when it comes to our four-legged companions. We often forsake our own comfort for that of our furry friends to ensure their happiness and security. Traditionally a basic structure, the standard dog house simply shelters our precious family members from hot sunny days and cool nights. However, if Snoopy’s basic red dog house is too conventional for you and your pet, you’ve got options that could leave you (and your dog) the envy of the neighborhood. La Petite Maison, all the rage of canines and celebs alike, offers such stunning architecturally and aesthetically pleasing homes that you’d almost consider moving in yourself.

With La Petite Maison you can create a completely “green,” luxurious, custom built retreat for your pet based on your own imaginative design that will compliment your estate. Owned and operated by award-winning interior designer Michelle Pollak and builder Alan Mowrer, together they combine their skills and talents to create a completely custom look for Fido.

From a Swiss Chalet for your St. Bernard, or a French petit palais for your poodle, you can select plush features such as hardwood floors, bay windows or Spanish tile flooring. The only limitation is your own imagination - if you can dream of it, they can build it.

These incredible homes come equipped with running water and feature completely functional indoor and outdoor lighting.  Artisans Pollak and Mowrer handcraft each home one at a time, and can also build a custom doghouse right on your property to replicate your home in miniature.

The imaginative detail and impeccable quality of their mini dog mansions have won the company rave reviews and numerous awards. The ability to customize and produce one-of-a-kind pieces all over the world sets La Petite Maison apart from other custom builders. Indulge yourself and your precious pet in a lifestyle fit for a king.  Check out more of their designs at


Max Mervis has amassed 18 years extensive knowledge of the resale market and more than 12 years of on-site new home sales experience. Max currently resides in Venice, and he is an expert in the beach communities of Venice/Marina del Rey and Santa Monica. He loves the architecture, the people and making new friends through his continued passion for real estate.

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