What’s it like to walk on water? The Wirra Willa Pavilion in Somersby, Australia, achieves this sensation while giving a whole new meaning to the term “lake house.” Designed by Matthew Woodward Architecture, the home is specifically built to allow anyone sitting inside to drink in the beauty of the surrounding landscape at all times.

With its clean lines, basic natural materials and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that surround on all sides, distractions are lifted from the home in favor of simply enjoying nature’s bounty. Within the 775 sq. ft. space lies a bedroom, bathroom and spacious open-plan living area. White drapes can be drawn in the bedroom for more privacy, yet the 80-acre property –formerly a citrus fruit orchard – provides plenty of tranquility and peace for guests.

pavilion_6“Reminiscent of Mies van der Rohe’sFansworth House, Woodward’s pavilion exhibits a lightness of being, as it appears to hover above the water’s surface,” notes Billy Rose, President and Co-founder of The Agency. “Woodward’s work is also notable for how it can provide a complete residential lifestyle out of what many would consider just enough space for a garage.”

Perhaps the most striking architectural feature is the way in which the pavilion juts out across the lake for a feeling of complete immersion in water. In the center of the floor you’ll find a concealed plunge pool perfect for a refreshing respite from the heat, while a charming log fire adds comfort during the region’s cooler months.

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