By Max Mervis

Your front door is more than just a functional opening into your private world - it is an integral part of the architecture of your home and overall curb appeal. While utility is a requirement, the ultimate goal is to create harmony and cohesion, resulting in a perfect balance of function and style. Whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller, if the time has come to replace your front door, the style of your home should be the first consideration when it comes to selecting just the right one. The following are some of the most common homes we find in the Venice area and the type of doors we recommend:

Greek Revival | Post War Modern

neoclassicdoorSubtle, clean elegance is the name of the game when it comes to Greek Revival and Post War homes. A solid, wooden front door that features two to six flat panels is by far the most traditional and best choice. Although historically painted white, other popular and appropriate colors are black, green and even muted red. If you need more light, a single central glass panel works perfectly with the Greek Revival style. Steer clear of stained wood, arched windows, and doors with leaded or colored glass, all of which are architecturally inappropriate or too busy for what is meant to be a simple yet stately style.

Craftsman | Pre-War Bungalow

shutterstock_115014289Warm and welcoming is definitely the first order for Craftsman style homes. Due to its deep porches, a rectangular full-panel glass front door, preferably in stained wood, is the perfect compliment. To allow for more privacy, a full wooden door with smaller inset windows at the top portion of the door is also historically correct. If painting, stay with warm, organic colors. Although a full stained or leaded glass window is rarely appropriate for a Craftsman home, it’s not uncommon to see a smaller top window decorated in colored glass insets imitating flowers or leaves.


med_doorAs a Mediterranean house is a combination of several architectural styles, you have more artistic license. Traditionally, Mediterranean front doors tend to be solid stained wood with either one central rectangular peephole opening, or a series of small, rectangular windows. Iron grillwork and clavos are very common, as are simple strappings that mimic antique hinges. If a glass door is preferred, your best choice will most often be a larger (or full) central window adorned with grillwork that either matches or mimics any existing grillwork on the rest of the home. Simple leaded glass windows are not uncommon, but stay away from any shiny brass or white metal frames, opting for the warmer look of iron.

In the end, the choice is yours. However, keep in mind that the architectural style of a home is distinctively genuine and characteristic to a specific architectural design. Therefore, when considering front door replacement, while function is a requirement, style is a matter of integrity that should remain distinctive to the home.


Max Mervis has amassed 18 years extensive knowledge of the resale market and more than 12 years of on-site new home sales experience. Max currently resides in Venice, and he is an expert in the beach communities of Venice/Marina del Rey and Santa Monica. 

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