Top10_TemplateIt’s that time again. The World Cup will be the only thing anyone’s talking about for the next month, and there are plenty of great places around Los Angeles to put on your team’s colors and enjoy “The Beautiful Game.” Here are The Agency’s top 10.

1. Goal Sports Cafe

The name says it all. They take soccer seriously here – you’ll be surrounded by sports fans and video screens as you enjoy comfort food such as mozzarella sticks and nachos. There are also plenty of beers on tap from around the world, so pick your country and your team, kick back and enjoy.

2. Cock ‘n Bull British Pub

This British Pub will be all about England this World Cup, but it’s captivation with all things “football” will draw plenty of other fans as well. The Cock ‘n Bull opens well in time for the 9 AM matches, too, so you can plan on watching all the games live.


3. Ye Olde King's Head

Another major player in the British pub scene, Ye Olde King's Head will be gearing up both of their locations in Santa Monica and Studio City for the World Cup. Guiness, Bangers n Mash, Scotch Pudding… the food here is a great complement to the Beautiful Game.

4. Eat.Drink.Americano

This Arts District restaurant bar is pulling out all the stops for this World Cup, thanks to its owner, Michael Burke, originally from Liverpool. They’ve partitioned off 1,000 square feet in the rear of the restaurant for soccer watching, with two 60-inch flat-screen TVs. Eat.Drink.Americano will serve breakfast for the next month and open at 9 AM, just in time for the early games.

5. Terroni

You didn’t hear it from us, but the private back room at Terroni will be showing World Cup games to select groups of patrons. In addition to the games, you’ll enjoy terra-cotta serving dishes, fine Italian wines, plus the best espresso pull this side of Genova. Expect a lot of cheering for Italy.


6. Mr. C Hotel

Speaking of Italy, this is one of the best spots to catch the Italy matches. Come here poolside on Sat, June 14 at 3pm for the Italy vs. England game, sure to be a great party. The boutique hotel features a sophisticated, cosmopolitan vibe, and their 4,500 sq. ft. luxury pool area boasts teak decking with poolside bar and dining. Elegance doesn’t come cheap though. Your private cabana will cost between $200 and $500.

Soccer7. The Parlor

This swanky West Hollywood lounge and gastropub is another great spot to kick back in style and watch the games. With wrap-around leather sofas, private tables, over 50 HD TV’s and a state-of-the-art audio visual system, plus a great bar, expect this spot to get crowded. Happy Hour runs Mon-Fri from 4-8 PM, when you can enjoy $3 drafts, $4 well drinks & wines, and $6 craft cocktails.

8. Barney’s Beanery

With locations in Santa Monica, Westwood, West Hollywood, Burbank and Pasadena, Barney’s Beanery is going to be a major player in this year’s World Cup bash. Expect fans from all over the world to meet up at these iconic joints for the games, where the food might not be the best on the planet, but the atmosphere and raucous cheer sure is.

9. Village Idiot

Expect a lot of team jerseys, waving flags and even vuvuzelas at this English pub. They reserve their TVs for just soccer games, so you won’t be distracted by anything like those pesky NHL or NBA Finals. Show up to the Village Idiot early, because they don't take reservations.

10. Los Angeles Brewing Company

This downtown brewery offers eight huge projection screens… and breakfast. Starting this week, the LA Brewing Company will be serving a new range of breakfast options – omelets, wraps, Monte Cristo sandwiches, waffles and more – to go along with their more than 80 craft beers. Bring your team colors and settle in for the early games, starting at 9 AM.