Considered one of the world’s leading players in train technology, Japan charms us once more with the reveal of their latest locomotive, Cruise Train, to join the luxury fleet.

Less “train," more “boutique hotel on rails," Cruise Train will cost about $50 million to develop and is the brainchild of Japan’s JR East railway company, in collaboration with designer Ken Okuyama, whose resume includes designing eyewear, furniture, and even Ferraris. His talent for producing sleek, innovative (and sometimes futuristic) design is what makes this train in a league all its own.

With a 34-passenger capacity, Cruise Train will offer 10 carriages composed of both standard suites and split-level deluxe suites in addition to a dining car and lounge area. Contrary to what travelers are used to on the road, each deluxe suite will have a living area/loft on the top floor, a sleeping area below, and a private bathroom on the entry level in between. This lavish bathroom features marble flooring with a classic, black & white theme. After getting primped and ready for the evening, guests can head on over to the dining car where one glass of champagne will have them forgetting that their romantic, white tablecloth restaurant is in motion.

The real “wow” factor lies in the two glass-encased observation areas located on either end of the train—an eye-opening way to experience the countryside. Beyond being another opportunity to enjoy incredible viewpoints, the central lounge area is the perfect place to meet and mingle with fellow passengers onboard. Overall, the locomotive “let’s passengers enjoy the flow of time and space,” Ken commented.

Stay tuned for future updates on Cruise Train, which is expected to start running in 2017.

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