Top10GrillingYou’ve got the home, the pool and the Viking double range grill ­– now you just need the accessories. With these 10 grilling accessories, you’ll have everything you need to pull off that memory-making summer BBQ!

1. Natural Hardwood Charcoal

For optimum taste, we recommend using natural hardwood charcoal started in a chimney. You don’t have to use lighter fluid, which will affect the taste (and the smell) A good set of briquets should do the work on its own and get that steak, chicken or fish tasting just right.

2. Man-Law Heavy Duty 5 Piece BBQ Tool Set

Every griller needs a reliable set of tools. This five-piece set includes stainless steel BBQ tongs, spatula, brush, fork and knife. All the tools have long handles, too, that keep your hands out of harm’s way. An added bonus are the four steak thermometers.GrillingTools

3. Big Green Egg Grill

If you’re serious about grilling, it might be worth dropping $420 on this stylish grill, a modern version of a traditional Japanese charcoal cooker known as a “Kamado.” Crafted from heavy-duty ceramic, it distributes heat evenly and maintains both very high and low temperatures – resulting in some excellent steak.

4. The Grill Doctors

While not exactly an accessory, these grill experts come and whirl around your dirty, beat-up grill, and within an hour the whole thing looks like new. If you’re prepping for a big summer BBQ, this service is a must.

5. Williams Sonoma Grill Press

For the eclectic griller, a grill press comes in handy when cooking bacon or any other thin cuts of meat. Not only does it prevent the meat from curling while cooking, it’s a must-have for grilling paninis or other sandwiches.

Tongs6. Chimney Starter for Charcoal

The easiest way to light charcoal, briquettes or hardwood is to use a chimney starter, so it’s always good to have one on hand. Let the charcoal burn until you see the white ash, and then, voila! Ready to cook!

7. Texas BBQ Grill Mitts

For any serious grilling, you won’t want to rely on your oven mitts. A good pair of large grill mitts will protect you from the heat or flames when flipping burgers, and give you more versatility when handling coals or moving food from one side to the other. Most importantly, it lets you focus on the food, not being burnt.

8. BBQ Apron and Tool Set Tote

Yes, it’s got the tools, but more than that, it’s got the apron and resting place for all those tools, so you’ll always have them conveniently on hand. It also looks surprisingly manly for an apron. Functional and stylish!

9. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddlelodge-reversible-grill-griddle

This cast iron griddle is perfect for grilling vegetables, seafood, or whatever else you want to try out. It features both a smooth griddle side and a raised grill side. Plus, cast iron cookware gives you superior heat retention and even heating.

10. Brass-Bristle Grill Brush

Before you start grilling, you’ll want to make sure your BBQ is clean, so it’s important to have a decent grill brush on hand. Many grillers recommend brass-bristles rather than steel bristles, which can damage the finish of some grates. Happy grilling!