Now more than ever, the luxury real estate market is a global proposition. Affluent buyers are increasingly looking to purchase real estate in new destinations around the world, both for investment purposes and for their own use, and they demand the highest level of service and local expertise.

This is, in part, why The Agency recently entered into a strategic partnership with global real estate advisory Savills. Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange, Savills boasts an international network of more than 500 offices and 25,000 associates throughout the Americas, Great Britain, Continental Europe, East Asia, Africa and the Middle East – a presence unrivaled by any other company.

The international reach The Agency gains through this partnership greatly enhances its ability to attract buyers from around the world. It provides our listings an unmatched global reach powered by a collaboration with the very best agents in the most important markets everywhere. It also empowers The Agency’s ability to assist clients when it comes to buying luxury properties abroad. Thus, whether a client is looking to buy, sell, rent or invest, they can expect unparalleled access to the international property market because of our relationship with Savills.

Further, this partnership provides enhanced distribution of The Agency’s listings worldwide through the Savills network, which features some of the world’s most highly-trafficked real estate websites. These sites are in the most important territories, and, significantly, content is presented in the primary language(s) of those territories, thereby providing The Agency’s clients with the greatest visibility and awareness for the sale of their properties.

That said, “The partnership is not just about a network of property websites, as impressive as they are,” notes President and Co-founder of The Agency, Billy Rose. “It is about real people – elite brokers around the world, with impressive PR and analytical teams working with The Agency to mutually benefit one another and to expose properties and opportunities, more comprehensively and effectively, than ever previously possible.”

The Agency’s CEO and Co-founder, Mauricio Umansky, notes, “One of the biggest deals for me is the credibility factor. You benefit from this global organization and all of its experts; you know that you and your client are getting the best real estate professionals and service wherever you are looking, period.”

At a time when luxury real estate is an increasingly global proposition, The Agency’s partnership with Savills provides a huge advantage over its competitors. It is a unique and exciting opportunity for both companies, sure to help them remain leaders in luxury real estate not just locally, but globally as well.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Savills global residential network.