Mauricio Umansky is the latest person to get "Unzipped" on Q, the lifestyle and fitness blog by Equinox. In the spotlight piece, the CEO and Co-founder of The Agency reveals the 5 essential items he always keep in his gym bag.

“With access to every facet of the good life, there's one luxury he never denies himself," notes Q. "Working out is important to stay balanced, especially when I get really busy," shares Umanksy, who prefers boxing and swimming. "Staying fit gives me more energy in everyday life and keeps me healthy, both mentally and physically. When I’m fit, it reflects in the business I’m doing at The Agency; it’s all connected."

Whether vacationing with his family at Villas Del Mar in Palmilla, Mexico, or jetting off to Victory Ranch, Utah for a few rounds of golf with a client, there are certain essentials Mauricio never leaves home without. Find out what they are here.