Luxury suite? Check. Ocean view? Check. Gourmet baby food? You may be in luck. An increasing number of hotels are making it a little easier on traveling parents as of late by offering farm-to-table baby food menus alongside more established, expected amenities like concierge, personal training, and spa services.

201407-hd-baby-food-at-esperanza-pear-and-bananaJust look to Esperanze, a top luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas. They recently rolled out a menu just for little ones with ingredients sourced from local farms and the resort’s gardens. With options like pear with banana and cinnamon, baby carrots and zucchini, and baked sweet corn and parsnip carrot, you may be inclined to eat of your offspring’s plate.

If you’re traveling as far as the tiny Caribbean island of St. Barth, the Isle de France resort’s “Pour les Bebes” menu offers custom blends of fish, meat, vegetables and potatoes. Even if there’s no pre-set baby menu to scroll through, more guests are being given the opportunity to request any combination of preferred ingredients and have the food customized.

By catering to its smallest customers, these hotels are sending the message that kids are welcome and they will be as well taken care of as their paying parents. On the flipside, parents who already engage in rich culinary experiences are more inclined to seek out accomodations who share the same values.

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