Top10_FallFashionWith the world’s top designers premiering collections in New York, Paris and London this month and last, everyone’s talking trends. While there are many to choose from, here are 10 of this fall season’s top fashion trends.

1. A-Line Dress

Flattering for all body types, and perennially popular, the A-Line dress is big this season. It can be worn with both tights and bare legs and is being championed by such heavyweights as Diane Von Furstenberg and Calvin Klein.

2. Long Vests

Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, Marissa Webb… they’re all offering takes on the long vest this fall, a fashion designed for the workplace. Swap out your blazer for a tailored long vest this year and give it a try.

Coats3. Eccentric Fur

Fur is a seasonal staple, but this year expect to see some wild varieties. Roberto Cavalli, Chloe, Versace and Fendi are all offering fur coats with bright colors, patchwork effects and other eye-catching innovations.

4. Stay Gold

The streets are paved with gold this season. If there’s one color that can compete with black this fall, it’s gold – and the two are often paired together. Gold cuts across everything from dresses to coats to accessories.

5. Military Khaki

If gold’s just too much for you, you might just put on some military khaki, which is also big this fall. There are some creative takes on this traditional print for pants and jackets, with standouts by Calvin Klein, Isabel Marant and Paul & Joe.

6. Sportswear

For less formal wear, the athletic aesthetic is in. Expect to see a lot of designs using fleece, mesh fabrics and zippers in sporty red, blue and black palettes.

7. Boxy Jacket, ‘70s Collar

Big, boxy jackets are all over shelves this season, most of them sporting a ‘70s collar. Colors vary widely, and some of the jackets have big ‘70s-style buttons to boot.


8. All-Over Wool Knits

They may look odd, but all-over wool knits seem to be everywhere in high-end boutiques these days. Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Celine are just some of those offering these soft, full body knits, most often found in neutral tones.

9. Psychedelic Print

After summer florals, these bright prints should keep the color coming – especially next to all the more formal black, white and gold you’ll also see. Colorful, trippy psychedelic prints can be found on tops, skirts, leggings, boots – you name it.

10. Flannel

For both men and women, flannel is big this season. Check out the fashionable cuts by Marc Jacobs, Band of Outsiders, Alexander McQueen and others. For men, this will be an especially trendy season for flannel.