Secluded stretches of white sand beaches, stunning sunsets, fine tequila, world-class dining and other pleasures are luring foreigners back to Mexico’s coastal resorts in record numbers in 2014.

[caption id="attachment_49750" align="alignright" width="307"]Abril-2014-2391-940x600 The elegant floating bed just off the 'floating' pool pavilion at Espiritu Estate 17, one of the distinctive homes at the renowned Villas Del Mar. » View here[/caption]

As NBC News reports in an article called “Summer Like No Other: Mexico Tourism Hits Record Levels,” the Mexican coast is once again becoming the go-to place for locals and international travelers seeking a getaway paradise.

“Officials here are boasting a bumper season in the country’s top resorts,” they note, “including Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cancun, where hotels have been packed to the highest levels ever.”

According to Mexico’s Tourism Department, more than 14 million foreigners visited Mexico in the first half of 2014, almost 20-percent more compared to last year. The trend is only expected to continue as word spreads about the quality of Mexico’s beach communities and recent stability and security. In particular, the influx of American visitors is way up, after a period of stagnation the last few years that coincided with the financial downturn.

Land's EndLos Cabos in particular is consistently rated among the best and safest, if not the safest, vacation destinations in all of Mexico, and its array of ultra-luxury resorts are unrivaled when it comes to both setting and service. Exclusive beach club and resort communities like Villas Del Mar and Hacienda offer the opportunity for return visitors to have homes of their own on the spectacular Baja Peninsula, so they enjoy all the benefits of the resort along with the joys of community and home ownership.

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