How important is symmetry in the design of a home? Although the process is oftentimes subliminal, we can all agree that arranging a home’s interiors one way can be more appealing to the senses than doing it another way. A recent article by Freshome explores this very idea of balance and symmetry, offering reasons and tips for achieving a flow that looks (and feels) just right.

symmetrical-bathroom“People are naturally drawn to balanced images and tend to rank symmetrical spaces as more attractive than their off-kilter counterparts,” states the article. It’s also been found that symmetrical interiors are often viewed as more restful and peaceful than their artistically asymmetrical counterparts because we—our brains—don’t have to work as hard to figure out the use and flow of the space. Perhaps we ought to consider this concept more thoughtfully when designing spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, where you want to feel the most at ease and relaxed.

symmetrical-bed-areaThe bathroom suite located inside the home on 521 Chalette Drive, for instance, is a great example of how to achieve such an environment. Looking on either side of the glass-enclosed shower is met with identical shelving compartments for storing all your bathing essentials. As you approach the free-floating tub, large mirrors on opposing sides of the room perfectly frame his and hers vanity areas. It’s no wonder why this spa-like Beverly Hills bathroom looks as calming as it does beautiful.

Regardless of personal style, anyone can bring a harmonious feel into his or her interiors. A good rule of thumb is to literally take a step back and visualize the space you are working with as a whole—it’s about taking small steps until your design elements are balanced in visual weight and proportion.

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