The Foo Fighters new original HBO docu-series Sonic Highways premieres this Friday, October 17, at 11 PM ET/PT. The series was created concurrently with the rock band's upcoming eighth album, also titled Sonic Highways.
The Agency’s Gersh, who has been Dave Grohl’s drum tech since 2002, took time off from The Agency to travel to eight cities with the band, handling the band's studio drum set-up along the way. "It was a pleasure to be a part of this rich musical experience that Dave Grohl created for the Foo Fighters eighth record," Gersh said. "The Agency is a very diverse work environment. That diversity allows us to attract a clientele of various interests."
The series follows the Foo Fighters through a regional sampling of music in the U.S. The band visited each city for one week, recording an instrumental number in the morning, and at night, interviewing a famous musician from that city. At the end of each week, Dave Grohl sat down with the transcripts from the interviews, piecing together select sentences and phrases with the outline of the song. Each episode allows viewers to experience a history of the city and its regional music relevance through famous musician interviews, all while composing a song for the album.
View a preview of Friday’s premiere here or below. For more information about the show click here. For more information about Drum Fetish click here.