If you thought that yoga was bounded by four studio walls and a ceiling, think again; the great outdoors is beckoning your sun salutation. Whether from a grassy perch, mountain peak, or sunny deck, taking your practice outside can deepen and strengthen your entire yoga experience.

So what’s the best part about transitioning to the outdoors? The beautiful scenery, and we at The Agency happen to know the perfect place to go Om. It’s called Victory Ranch, a private community set amidst 6,000 pristine acres in Utah, and a most pristine setting for active individuals and families. It’s here that you can take in the sights, the smells, the natural ebb and flow of the environment, and incorporate it all into your practice.

[caption id="attachment_55704" align="alignright" width="306"]ER2A8537 Amy Rose of Amy Rose Fitness in Warrior II at Victory Ranch's Freestone Pond.[/caption]

“It’s easy to gain strength and stability when its quiet and nobody is bothering you. It’s quite a feat to gain strength when the other elements are also part of the practice,” shared an article in Yoga Journal. Recently, Women’s Health Magazine pointed out that outdoor yoga evokes a sense of harmony, timelessness, and connection to the universe—all ideas that are deeply rooted in yoga itself.

Another great benefit of leaving the studio for an outdoor setting like a park, for instance, is that you can linger and relish the relaxed state you’ve worked so hard to achieve. “Fight that habit—that you’re done so you have to pack up and go,” says the article.

Aside from yoga, Victory Ranch provides many other enriching activities. They offer golfing, world-class fly fishing, miles of professionally-designed mountain biking and hiking trails, fishing and swimming ponds, riverside dining, well-appointed backcountry yurts, and access to a ski-in/ski-out lodge in the heart of Park City.

Learn more about this ultimate retreat here.