Maison Bertet, a high-end furniture retailer that was founded by husband and wife team Joel and Sophie Bertet specializing in outdoor furniture, bathrooms, tile and decor, recently designed the exquisite contemporary estate at 1955 Loma Vista Drive in Trousdale. Maison Bertet opened their first store in 2010 and plan on several more.

Joel Bertet generously lent his time for a Q&A with The Agency.

You recently completed 1955 Loma Vista. What was your inspiration for the design?

The inspiration for the design was the Rat Pack meets Hollywood Modern.  We loved the history and feel of the home and could easily imagine Frank Loma-3Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and company entertaining their guests in a classic Trousdale property.  Instead of keeping it strictly adherent to a 1950s classic Trousdale we wanted to add some modern Hollywood glam to it all the while keeping it warm and inviting.

How would you describe the overall feel and design of the home? What is your favorite piece of furniture?

The feel of the home is “VOLUME”  The exceptionally high ceilings for Trousdale and the large backyard give you a feeling of volume and space.  We wanted that to be the focal point and the design was meant to accentuate those features.  Our favorite piece of furniture in the home is the Outdoor Custom Cabana and Custom Made “Trousdale” Seating area.  Sophie custom made the large 24’ x 10’ Stainless Steel Cabana and below it sits our newest custom made outdoor sofa set aptly named “Trousdale."

Those who have seen Loma Vista are loving the furniture pieces designed for the house. Are these items available in your showroom?

All the furniture in the home was custom made in our factory right here in Los Angeles.  We still make things in America and we are very proud to say that almost 75% of our furniture is Made In America in our own factory right here in Los Angeles.  The furniture was custom designed and manufactured for 1955 Loma Vista.  That is our specialty.  We work with designers and architects who have a vision that they need implemented for a home or commercial project.  Budget and value are very important and we have the ability to deliver on both of those key points.

What would you say are some of the standouts in-store for fall and winter?

Fall is a very exciting time for us at Maison Bertet.  New lines and new products.  As mentioned, we just developed the “Trousdale Collection” inspired by 1955 Loma Vista consisting of the large outdoor sofa and matching Stainless Steel Framed Arm Chairs.  It's currently our best seller.  We are also focusing on our newest bathroom vanities which have been doing exceptionally well.


How would you describe the overall feel and design of your own home? What is your favorite piece of furniture?

Our own home is a bit of a mix of designs.  Having French and Moroccan backgrounds you will see a lot of Moroccan influence in our home.  You will also find a lot of modern.  We like the idea of mixing modern with Mediterranean, our home is always changing as we experiment with new designs.  We often use our home as a place to experiment with new items before we put them in the store. Our outdoor area with infinity edge pool and decking is certainly the favorite spot.  It's set up with all the best that we have at Maison Bertet.

Check out more pictures of 1955 Loma Vista Drive here.