Our "My Life at The Carlyle" series takes a look at the remarkable individuals who call The Carlyle Residences home and discover what they love about living at the premier address on the Westside. Today we feature Larry Miles, the regional president of a global wealth management firm, who appreciates how the team at The Carlyle saves him time both on and off the clock. If there’s no fresh powder in Deer Valley, Larry is probably plotting his next outdoor adventure in his residence at The Carlyle, the same place where he can entertain friends and clients on a daily basis.

03_Residences05How would you describe living in a luxury condo?

As the Los Angeles president of a global wealth management firm, I regularly host local CEOs and business owners in my home. Just like my clients hire me to simplify their financial lives, I live in a luxury condo building to simplify my life. The team at The Carlyle is always finding ways – large and small – to make my day easier.

Where might we find you winding down?

I wind down in one of two ways. Either by hunkering down in my home with a great book or a History channel marathon. Or by getting outside and going on an adventure with friends. In the last couple months I took some friends and clients race car driving in the desert and skiing in Deer Valley.

What makes the Westside an ideal place to exercise your craft?

For me, the Westside is LA’s financial capital. Many of my clients live and work on the Westside and it’s easy to get to those based in the South Bay, the Valley or even Pasadena.

04_Amenities04How is The Carlyle the “perfect match” for your lifestyle?

It’s all about time. Living in The Carlyle gives me more time. I can be in my office in Century City in less than 10 minutes; I can take my elevator directly to the gym and the team here takes care of everything.

It’s really that simple.

What is your favorite place to dine nearby the Carlyle

Other than ordering take out and eating in my den? I love Scarpetta at the Montage. Chef Freddie and his team always takes great care of me and the food is amazing. A scotch at 10 Pound is good before or after dinner. That is by far my favorite place to dine on a date, or with clients.

04_Amenities01What is your favorite amenity at the Carlyle

It’s a tie between the gym and the outdoor space. The gym is incredibly convenient, stocked with great equipment and there is never more than 1 or 2 people using it – I feel like it’s my own personal workout space. One of my favorite things to do is take a book or the newspaper – yes, the actual newspaper – and walk out back to the pool, or the patio and enjoy the quiet escape in the middle of the Westside.


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