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The 2015 LA Art Show opened in true Hollywood style, with one beautiful party hosted by Golden Globe winner Amy Adams, bringing in a crowd of art enthusiasts and high profile clientele to mix, mingle and celebrate the wild world of art in an effort to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. In celebration of the LA Art Show’s 20th year, The Agency and Etihad Airways hosted a buzzing VIP Lounge to share in the rich experiences of creativity at all levels.

The Agency sponsorship of the VIP lounge, under the aegis of Paul Lester, Agency partner, with the collaboration of Etihad Airways and the design of Rose Tarlow Melrose House provided a luxurious respite for the meeting and cross pollination of artists, gallerists, art collectors, and the newly anointed "art aficionados." The VIP lounge provided an experience that not only elevated the experience of the art lovers but created dialogue between those who collect art and those who make it.

As the show pressed on throughout the weekend the lounge provided an intimate space for conversation and connection amidst the troves of enthusiasts that walked the 120 galleries and viewed 20,000 works of art.

1280-Angelo-Dr-141-940x600The Agency works in the world of art; from the exquisite luxury homes to the beautiful works that transform and give each space its individual identity, true art is timeless and an extension of something deeply personal. The Agency's Paul Lester, a long time art aficionado involved with the LA art community, moderated a panel entitled, "The Art of Design and the Home as Art - at the Intersection of Design, Art, and Home." A conversation about  the collaborative aspects of curating in private spaces such as 1704 Stone Canyon and 1280 Angelo Drive and the interplay of design and art.

Paul also lead a discussion on the home itself as a work of art, something we are seeing now as luxury home buyers embrace the notion of buying a home as a completely curated aesthetic space. The collaboration of designed interiors, architectural build, and curated art collections all combine to form a one of a kind bespoke lifestyle for the client.

The Los Angeles Art Show proved to be a collaborative success for  both The Agency and the art community at large as it wove together people from diverse communities to share in the rich experiences of creativity at all levels.

Check out more photos from The VIP Opening Night of The LA Art Show below.

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