The Agency is proud to announce that real estate agent and native New Yorker, Jackie Smith, will be joining the team at the company’s world headquarters in Beverly Hills.

Bringing an extensive and diverse set of experiences spanning industry lines and coastal cities, Jackie’s vision of Los Angeles community and real estate is a multifaceted one. An opportunity as Publicity & Marketing Director at Landmark Theatres first brought her to Los Angeles, where she would discover a true passion for design aesthetic and home development. Deciding to extend beyond her own interests, Jackie matches clients with homes that suit their exact needs.

Her array of experiences and extremely diverse network makes her a tremendous resource. It's her distinct set of interests and professions from marketer to developer to real estate agent that provides Jackie with both a macro, yet intimate view of each detail that goes into the process of what buying a home truly means for her clients.

Ecstatic about her introduction to The Agency, Jackie notes, "The Agency is forward-thinking, innovative and unlike any other firm I've worked with. I'm looking forward to the kinds of results we'll attain with the daily collaboration here."

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Agency, Mauricio Umansky, did not hold back in his praise, "Jackie's passion for each and every aspect of real estate makes her a welcome addition to the team here in Beverly Hills. Her value as a professional and as a person who exemplifies the tact and the collaborative spirit we embody cannot be overstated enough."