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In a city replete with premieres and opening nights, no gilded luxury shines as eccentrically bright as the premiere of Louis Vuitton Series 2. Celebrating women’s fashion director, Nicolas Ghesquière, The Agency hosted more than 75 invite-only guests in an event which brought together art, culture and fashion.

150206 TheAgency LVS2 052The Agency's invited VIPs had access to an exclusive experience viewing Ghesquière’s creative process behind his Spring 2015 Women's Collection through an exhibition showcasing 48 distinct looks.  The exhibition attracted guests that span the spectrum of LA culture, including local tastemakers, influencers and top producing agents from The Agency.

The tour’s aesthetic lies in a seven room presentation which showcases the past, present and future of Louis Vuitton. As guests walk through the exhibit, they will be transported through a dynamic timeline featuring everything from the inception of the LV logo, and the legendary Louis Vuitton trunk, to the Infinite Show Room.  Each room, distinctly its own, communes to celebrate the craftsmanship and elegance of Louis Vuitton.

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Following the conclusion of the exhibition’s tour, The Agency's invited guests returned to Beverly Hills for a private rooftop reception atop the new Rodeo Drive Louis Vuitton boutique, where, with it’s sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills, The Agency and it’s guests enjoyed the vision of Louis Vuitton once more.



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