The last Veyron has been unveiled and so marks the last punctuation of an unabashed automobile love letter from Bugatti and the Volkswagen Group, with its finishing annotation: "La Finale."

The billionaire favorite has long been heralded and desired for limited runs and the lure of exclusivity, but on closer inspection, "La Finale," like the rest of its kin, is a machine with 1,200 Horsepower, 16-cylinders capable of going from 0-100 km/h in 2.6 seconds. Its soaring $2 million price point has been justified and qualified by 449/449: sold.

The 450th and final version of the supercar has many in the automobile universe lamenting the decisive conclusion to the most advanced gas-powered car the world has ever seen.“The car without compromise” as Wired Magazine called it, had no peer in its inception. Even the $2 million dollar price tag was a reminder that there could be no better design crafted, no better material used to craft the penultimate vehicle.

Noted as the rallying cry to innovate, The Veyron redefined the design parameters and legal ramifications of what a street legal car can contain. Like Athena sprung out of the chaotic mind of Zeus, The Bugatti Veyron has been the transcendent answer to some of engineering's greatest problems.

The 450th iteration of that same answer sports a rich burgundy exterior. And like each of its predecessors, it has been sold: 450/450. "La Finale" is currently on display at the Genevea Motor Show (March 5-15), beside the first Bugatti Veyron created 10 years ago.