“Beverly Hills is where you work and this is where you play,” says The Agency’s Director of Estates Division, Eric Lavey of 1877 Rising Glen Road, which sits ever so slightly on the rim of the exclusive and may we add, legendary ‘Bird Streets’, less than two miles from the hustle and bustle of Beverly Hills.  

Designed with an international aesthetic, the modern estate features outstanding attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship throughout and what better way to take a journey from The Agency’s headquarters to this wonderful modern property than behind the wheel of the limited-edition 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé Nighthawk, the brand’s magnificently proportioned – and equally magnificently priced – two door convertible. 

The Nighthawk was designed to showcase the brand’s Bespoke capabilities, comes in an edition of nine and is priced at $569,000. Inspired by the sleek yet bold designs of stealth aircraft, the Rolls Royce’s designers used some serious cutting edge technology and materials to ensure the stunning Nighthawk will not go unnoticed. Featuring exclusive options including Diamond Black Metallic paint with a matte diamond black hood, carbon fiber throughout the hotspur red and black full-grain leather interior. The instrument panel’s carbon fiber dials come equipped with incandescent orange tips to evoke the feeling of aircraft cockpit instruments, lest you feel the need to be reminded of your G6 while still on the ground in Los Angeles.

“Bespoke is very unique to Rolls Royce in one way, in that there is no limit, there is no ultimate bespoke version.  No two Rolls Royce cars are alike, that’s how we see it.” says Gerry Spahn, of Rolls Royce’s Head of Communications North America.


Getting behind the wheel of the Nighthawk and driving up into the winding Bird Streets is quite an adventure as the Nighthawk’s 435 horsepower, V-12 engine propels you to 0-60 in about six seconds.  Not that you’d be in a rush to get through Beverly Hills traffic, as the Nighthawk is designed with the journey in mind, not just the destination at hand.

Once you meander your way up through the hills, you’ll find yourself at the private, contemporary compound, the city spread out to see before you. With towering ceiling heights and broad wall space, the home provides great opportunities to display art in an inspiring and modern context.

The gallery entry and open-plan great room provide endless opportunity for both intimate and large-scale entertaining. The main house features 3 bedrooms and den and two separate structures provide an abundantly lit gym, an office, guest suite, bar and, a very LA touch, a theater. The 75’ long pool, grassy yard and deck complete the ultimate Southern California lifestyle.

“With Rising Glen, they took a handful of the best materials in the world, interwoven to create these generously scaled spaces which allow for true personalization.  It’s an art lovers dream,” continues Eric, “Like Rising Glen, the Nighthawk is timeless and classic – a true bespoke modern.  Nothing is out of place. They are both true works of art.”

With the twinkling light of Los Angeles below you and a wonderful car in the driveway, it seems this may be all the art you’ll ever need.