From the glamorous weekend warrior to the fastidious frequent flier, everyone needs high-functioning luggage to accompany them to their next destination. That’s where Los Angeles closet designer Lisa Adams comes in. Star of the HGTV series Million Dollar Closets and CEO of her company LA Closet Design, Lisa has developed the LAMove Mobile Closet, an international carry-on that simplifies the travel experience without sacrificing on style. Specialized compartments keep everything from bespoke three-piece suits to Christian Louboutin pumps tucked away and easily accessible. There’s even a detachable jewelry roll that doubles as a clutch and a hook for hanging the entire mobile closet so that you don’t even have to unpack. We asked Lisa Adams to take a break from organizing the wardrobes of the rich and famous and chat with us about her newly-launched and oh so posh carry-on.

LA-MOVE-COMBO-0016How does the LAMove Mobile Closet simplify traveling?

I applied the same principles to the LAMove design that I do with my LA Closet Design closets—incorporating a ‘everything in its place’ concept and making the experience of packing stress-free and efficient. There is nothing like LAMove on the market, and I know people want to be organized, especially when they travel.

What distinguishes the needs and wants of today’s jet setters with that of previous years?

Jet setters today are traveling more than they have ever, so the art of packing is key. If there is a compartment for underwear, socks, shoes, toiletries and jewelry (watches, cufflinks, etc.), then the bag does most of the thinking for you. And since travelers don’t want to forgo style, it was important for me to add elements of luxury, like you see at LA Closet Design. You’ll find a suede lined interior, quality hardware, and innovative technology that features a handle that telescopes and 4-wheels to allow 360 degree movement.

What feature tends to catch people by surprise?LA-MOVE-NEW-YORK-0074 copy

The heat-tempered compartment for a hot iron! Also, the entire inside compartment zips apart and becomes a tote bag—I love seeing people’s reactions when I show them this

feature. It cleverly doubles the capacity of the suitcase to accommodate spontaneous purchases.

Where can we see more of your talented work?

I’m in the midst of writing and designing a coffee table book of closets and also hope to do an exclusive line of luxury closet accessories.

If you could pack your LAMove Mobile Closet and fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Africa! I’m dying to visit.

The LAMove Mobile Closet retails for $645 and carries a lifetime warranty. Visit the online boutique to learn more.