Having just returned from a yoga retreat in breathtaking Tahiti, Amy Rose, wife of The Agency's President and Co-founder Billy Rose, is already planning her next soul-enriching adventure in Bali. But that's not the only reason why this yoga instructor, model and mother of 2 young children (not to mention 2 pets) is glowing: she was just featured on the spring cover of Los Angeles Yoga Magazine. In addition to playing a huge role in Amy's lifestyle, yoga presents opportunities for her to align herself with issues that she is deeply passionate about, such as protecting our oceans. We asked Amy to leave her mat (if only momentarily) to tell us how she achieves zen in her day-to-day life and why we should consider packing our bags for her upcoming yoga and wellness retreat at the close of the summer.

Where does yoga take you?April-issue

I practice anywhere from the top of Temescal Canyon to Maha Yoga where I primarily teach classes. Equinox, Aura Yoga and Power Yoga are also spaces that I love. As an avid hiker, I do enjoy doing a few sun salutations, vinyasa flow and ending with a meditation once I reach the top. With your bare feet planted firmly on the earth, outdoor yoga is both physically and mentally grounding.

Since becoming a yogi, did your perspective on work/life balance evolve?

Yoga and meditation really help with focus and balance in all aspects of life. Slow, deep breaths (called Ujjayi breath) enable me to make powerful choices and decisions as I can stop and think before reacting. Practicing yoga, along with daily meditation, helps keep the mind and body balanced, creating more harmony within your own life.

Walk us through one of your daily routines.

I try to meditate twice a day—once at the very least—and am currently into what’s called Sound Energy Healing meditation. Through repetitive vibrations of my voice, I am “transported” into a deep, powerful state of mind that is incredibly cleansing. I find that when I meditate, my memory improves and my thoughts are more clear.

Tell us about your upcoming Bali Bliss Yoga & Wellness Retreat.

This incredible retreat will take place July 30 - Aug 5 in Bali, Indonesia at one of the most blissful and leading eco resorts in the world, Alila Villas Soori, a sister property to The Agency’s Alila Villas Uluwati Resort. The retreat’s location is set between black sand beaches and lush rice fields which, combined with top-notch amenities and a plethora of outdoor and indoor spaces, contribute to creating an attractive zen vibe. I have partnered with Travel With Meaning, a community of like-minded travelers sharing experiences that move, touch and inspire using the hashtag #TravelWithMeaning. We look forward to all levels of yogis to join us, even if you have never practiced a downward dog before. Space is limited!

image1For those of us who are interested but have never attended a retreat before, what questions should we consider?

The first thing I always examine is the destination. Is this retreat taking place somewhere where I can relax, connect with nature and treat as a personal getaway? Will the atmosphere be tranquil, exclusive, magical and beautiful? Make sure the location will deliver the vibe you are looking for, as well as provide additional services like gourmet meals, spa treatments and other activities that can really heighten your experience. Lastly, if you are brand new to yoga, find out if the program welcomes all skill levels.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Nourish your body for it is the vehicle to your dreams.

For those interested in joining Amy for the Bali Bliss Yoga & Wellness Retreat, feel free to peruse the site. You can also connect with Amy via Facebook (Amy Rose Yoga), Instagram (@AmyRoseYogaLA), Twitter (@amyroseyogala) and through her personal website