May 19, the Winton Guest House, designed by Frank Gehry will be put up for auction, with the stipulation being that the purchaser relocate the home. Currently located at The University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, the house has been moved before when in 2008, it was divided into eight sections and transported 110-miles from its original Lake Minnetonka location.  The Winton Guest House is a testament to an architect’s creative genius. Gehry was commissioned by Mike & Penny Winton to design the structure that shows individuality and a wonderful energy.  Known for iconic designs like The Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Spain and The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Gehry is said to be one of the most creative architects who has ever lived. The house, designed between 1982-1987, is playful as well as artistic and one can’t help but view the structure as a piece of art, its angles representing sculpture. The 2,300 square-foot home has five geometrically shaped rooms that encompass a pyramid-shaped living room. Handling the auction will be Wright, a modern and contemporary design auction house.

A model of the residence based on one from the Museum of Modern Art’s collection will be on view at Wright’s New York gallery, May 5–19.

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