East Hollywood is home to a variety of cultures and architectural styles, plus a host of design-savvy shops. Having always had its own identity, the neighborhood was recently featured in the LA Times as a shopping mecca for vintage and one-of-kind shopping experiences. 

If one is looking for furniture and accessories that rivals museum curators, visit Eric Berg's Early California Antiques. The shop specializes in Spanish Colonial Revival, Arts and Crafts, Monterey- and Mission-style furniture and accessories. Close by, Hutch Vintage is a family run entity that makes handmade jewelry and stationary, as well as clothing and vintage furnishings. Interior designer Rosa Beltran’s creative vision can be witnessed at Clad Home, a studio and showroom displaying the tailored, retro-inspired furnishings she designs. Twig & Twine is a boutique stocked with thoughtfully selected cookbooks and coffee-table tomes, personal accessories and goods that serve as accompaniments to the artfully crafted, naturalist floral arrangements created by the owner, floral designer Heather Williams. Joshua Keys is the inspiration behind Motley, a store concept full of a wide-ranging selection of furnishings, home goods, and decorative arts. 

Not only is East Hollywood full of unique antique and vintage finds, food havens make their mark in the area. In the place known informally as Hel-Mel and the bicycle district, one will find The Faculty, a spot for a shopping-weary individual to grab a tasty snack. Quite close to Twig & Twine, Sqirl serves up delightful seasonal breakfasts and lunches from an open kitchen and cozy dining space. 

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