Exercise and alcoholic beverages are not typically thought of as going hand-in-hand, but in a recent article found in the Wall Street Journal, the publication reported on a new trend with U.S. wineries offering fitness classes including activities like yoga, Pilates, and boot camp training paired with a traditional type of wine tasting. After discovering how popular fitness classes at a winery could be, Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s in Sagaponack, N.Y. includes “Sundays on the Terrace” with pastries and Bellinis along with yoga and wine on the weekends. Winery co-owner, Joey Wölffer calls the programming a “no-brainer” as the winery’s expansive property can accommodate workout-seeking visitors. To celebrate her wedding, Anne Wilner along with six of her girlfriends went to California’s Marin County for a private yoga class and lunch. As a special events producer, Anne thought it was a hit. “It combined the three things we love; food, wine, and working out.”

Wineries’ fitness classes offer a way to feel healthy. Guests can be greeted in the mornings with nourishment like locally-made juice and house-made granola bars, inviting individuals to begin their yoga class. After class, wineries take care to serve up fruit, scones, and a rosé or white wine. Wineries prefer to go for light options when focusing on an “exercise vibe.” One women mentioned, “It’s not like you’re working out and drinking a Cab,”referring to the heavier red wine. Not only an experience that sounds enjoyable, it makes sense to blend the pleasures of wine tasting with a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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