Champagne charms as the perfect celebratory bubbly, and one of London’s most intimate, discreet champagne bars is now serving up some of the world’s finest. But to enjoy, you’ll first have to find it. The Champagne Bar, as Bloomberg Business recently discovered, is tucked away amidst the understated luxury of one of London’s most historic luxury hotels, The Connaught.

To sip some of the rarest champagnes and liquors from around the world, you must sneak through a pantry, listen for soft music playing from a corridor, and push past deliberately placed drapes. The Champagne Room, designed by Guy Oliver, features a decidedly exclusive and intimate feel that echoes the hotel’s toned-down luxury. As guests enter, they are greeted by natural lighting that streams through an oval-shaped skylight, and candles illuminate the dark wood furnishings and mirrored tables. Arrive early, as the seated guest list caps at a comfortable 25, and standing is not encouraged.

The cocktail hideaway is a special place where rare champagnes are served by the bottle or glass, many of which are unavailable elsewhere in the U.K. Drinks are enjoyed from Baccarat crystal glasses from the hands of white-gloved bartenders, and cocktail menus don’t exist. Patrons simply order whatever their hearts desire. Adding to its unique allure, the Champagne Room is the only place in the world that serves Krug Clos du Mesnil (2003) by the glass.

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