The Agency is excited to announce that Mexico City-born Monique Navarro will be joining the team in Brentwood. Touting years of experience in public relations, including event planning for a variety of celebrity affairs and even serving as a translator for a government branch of Mexico, Monique is an incredibly dynamic asset to the firm and will serve mostly the Westside communities of Los Angeles.

Although growing up in Brentwood put her face to face with some of the real estate industry’s biggest movers and shakers, it wasn’t until Monique met Santiago Arana, who spearheads the company’s office in Brentwood, that she realized this business was for her and The Agency was a match made in heaven.

“It’s refreshing to see people getting into the real estate business with so much energy and positivity,” comments Santiago. “With Monique’s extensive contacts and personable skills, she will be an amazing agent and we are happy to have her on board.”

Monique’s decade-long involvement in charity events across Los Angeles, specifically breast cancer and children’s causes, continues to fuel her desire to give back to the community and will pair nicely with The Agency’s enduring philanthropic support.

See Monique’s agent profile here.