What does a 31-story high-rise condominium off Sunset Boulevard have to offer it’s residents? For starters, protected views of the ocean, mountains and city skyline from glass walls and huge terraces. Standing more than 15 stories higher than any other building within a 2-mile radius, Sierra Towers is the tallest residential property in the area, which is one of the primary reasons why it continues to serve as a magnet for celebrities and other deep-pocketed buyers, states a recent Forbes article.

“This is a building that would never be duplicated again,” says Eric Lavey of high-end brokerage firm The Agency, and who is extremely knowledgeable about the building. “There’s tremendous value and a desire to want to be there because of the exclusivity.”

ar125982211129743Icing on the cake? Current zoning restrictions make it virtually impossible to construct such a tower in West Hollywood, so these far-reaching views are here to stay.

In addition to staff services such as 24-hour concierge, high-end security and a gym, residents can enjoy the 184-square-foot maid’s quarters gracing the 6th floor; however, many of the residents forego using them to house maids in favor of turning them into offices.

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