Blog_Depict Geared towards art lovers and tech enthusiasts alike, the ultra high-resolution Frame is an entirely new take on the way we view and experience art. Designed by the company Depict, Frame is a stunning 50-inch 4K screen that displays a revolving collection of exclusive, original works of digital art.  The actual frame itself is sleek and minimalist, but the artwork displayed is so striking that it brings any space to life. Like a Spotify or iTunes for artwork, owners can select curated works from Depict’s online collection and set the artwork on a loop by casting the files directly to the screen as you would from your phone to your TV. Rather than finding the right space to fit your art, the artwork can be selected to fit your space, much like in a museum. Depict-CahanLSFrame enables the art lover and those who are curious about digital art to bring this often ‘intangible’ and thought-provoking art into the home instantly,” says Depict Co-founder and CEO Kim Gordon, an art enthusiast and MIT graduate. Because the art is created on screen for the screen, Frame is the perfect medium in which to showcase the works, as the picture quality is amazingly clear, with no pixels to be seen. Artists are carefully curated by a team led by Amanda Schneider, co-creator of the Brooklyn Museum’s famed Brooklyn Artists Ball. Works range from digital paintings to video art by an array of incredible artists, offering a dynamic and visually inspiring selection for owners of Frame. Even those who aren’t tech-savvy can master Frame. From adding artists to your queue to saving your “playlist,” it’s intuitive and easy, and white glove service is offered for installations. Frame can be purchased for $1800, and exclusive art is extra. To learn more and order Frame, visit