Blog_Hintd5 A customizable, everyday registry for all of life's occasions, Hintd was created with you in mind, so you can share what you like with the people who want to know. The site allows you to create lists of not only products, but dreams and experiences too – and then share with friends and family to give them a hint of what you're loving right now. Blog_Hintd2Hintd is different from a traditional registry or wishlist because you can hint that you'd like anything: a donation to your favorite charity, a handbag, dinner at the chic bistro in the city, exercise classes – even your dream home! Hintd also features a richly curated collection of content called, "hintspiration" that allows you to discover new products and experiences to add to your Hintd list. In fact, you can even take inspiration from The Agency's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, which is currently featured on the ultimate wishlist website. Blog_Hintd3 Founder, Lucy Danziger, former Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine, had the idea decades ago when her Harvard classmate got married directly after graduation. While delighted for her friend and happy to celebrate her wedding with gifts from her friend's registry, she and her pals found themselves lamenting, "Why do we have to get married (or have a baby) to ask for what we want?" Instead, you "Make a list. Share it. And get what you want." Create your own Hintd list today, and don't forget to take a peek at The Agency's exclusive Hintd list for gift inspiration.