Blog_Noesis The Agency's Paul Lester, Aileen Comora and Michael Perez recently partnered with Noesis Group to unveil the new Sunset Strip stunner, 1920 Sunset Plaza.  We sat down with Igal Azran, principal of Beverly Hills-based design and development firm Noesis Group, to discuss his vision for the future of luxury contemporary home design. Noesis Group, pronounced "No-EE-sis," is rooted in Greek and means "to create." Igal, along with architect, Stephanie Harroch, are recognized for their minimalist, yet thoughtful design. How would you describe your style of architecture and design? Blog_Noesis4aUltimately our designs are contemporary in nature, with minimalist elements that provide a warm, earthy and organic sensibility. We subscribe to the notion that less is more and never attempt to over-design. Instead, we let our design and finishes speak for themselves. With our multi-cultural background – both myself and Stephanie are from Morocco – we add a subtle touch of Mediterranean and Spanish influence to our fresh and innovative designs. The Agency team of Paul Lester, Aileen Comora and Michael Perez represented the Noesis Group home at 151 N. Le Doux and have the honor of representing 1920 Sunset Plaza. What can you tell us about the design at our newest Noesis Group property? While I can't say it's my favorite design – a developer never makes such confessions – I can say that the team and I are exceedingly proud of  the home.  Frankly, we designed the home to astound. It sits atop a serene enclave on a private street and offers breathtaking 180-degree views of the entirety of downtown Los Angeles and the coastline of California. Encased in glass, the sleek and effortless open-air concept throughout the living space was designed to freely flow among the impeccably designed and crafted luxurious retreat. You refer to 'open-air' and 'flow' - what other details drive your designs? First and foremost our team is passionate about creating Blog_Noesis-3ainnovative design that resonates with home buyers. Not only do we want to create something that's never before been seen or done, but we want each home to be a unique space where quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and functionality reign supreme. We thoughtfully scrutinize each detail. In fact, we take into account the exclusive needs and aspirations of each client and identify a theme that drives the design. With that theme solidified, we move forward and plan accordingly by integrating environmentally sustainable elements and utilizing our years of expertise in the latest construction technologies. We have the client at the forefront of our minds from drafting to completion. Always. How do you differentiate yourself among your competitors? Blog_Noesis2aSince we're a design and build firm, our architect and construction experts collaborate closely to create a project that makes sense. It's also imperative that we have a solid relationship with the city, planning department, contractors and ultimately our representation to market, The Agency. Because of our experience in development, we're able to work effectively with all professionals involved to create the finest home for our purchasers. For example, during the design stage, we'll often bring in the HVAC and the plumbing contractor so that they're physically in the room with us while we're finalizing planning. We receive their valuable input and experience in the drawing stages so that once it's time to build, we're free and clear and can thoughtfully move forward. We also place a significant importance on the quality that is found within our construction – the details that buyers may not always notice. From insulation to plumbing, to the type of foundation laid, we're concerned about the homeowner's overall lifestyle and we will deliver quality that you see and quality that you don't see. For example, we are willing to invest in added insulation throughout the home solely for sound efficiency. We care about the experience after the purchase. When you say, "full-service" design and build firm, what does that mean? From blueprints, site plans, elevations and window schedules – we take care of it all. We create detailed, clean plans that contractors enjoy working with. We push the envelope; but we do our research and can articulate our vision in specific plans. Because of our in-house Development and Construction divisions, we're able to handle all permitting, approvals, entitlements, etc. We primarily work in West L.A. and Beverly Hills and are expanding to the Hollywood Hills and the Greater Los Angeles area. What is your vision for the future? At Noesis Group our goal is to continue to move forward with bold and innovative ideas and design. We began working with single-family high-end residences and development and are pleased to broaden our scope to include luxury condominiums. Our goal is to continue creating and designing single-family residences, multi-family developments, restaurants, boutiques and more. We will continue to push the envelope and deliver a finished product that not only competes, but rises above the rest in this competitive real estate landscape. View more information about the Noesis Group. Click here to view the 1920 Sunset Plaza's listing page. The Agency and Noesis first worked together on 151 N Le Doux. Click here for more information.