Blog_Ketel2a Premium vodka distiller, Ketel One, recently celebrated their 325th anniversary with the Nolet Anniversary edition bottle. Named after the family of distillers, the copper-colored glass bottle is a nod to the role copper pot distillation plays in creating the fine spirits. The commemorative bottle also features ironwork inspired by the distillery, along with 11 coins that decorate the sides and back of the bottle, each representing one of the 11 generation of family distillers. Ketel-One-325-BottleaThe Nolet family-owned and operated distillery opened its doors in 1691 in Schiedam, Holland and has been proudly distilling ever since. The distillery has merged old world pot-still and modern distillation techniques to create the Ketel One recipe that includes carefully-selected European wheat. The 4Fs – Fragrance, Flavor, Feel and Finish – help to define what makes Ketel One Vodka so unique, leaving a long finish with subtle flavors on the palate after each drink. Blog_Ketel-1aBrothers Carl Nolet Jr. and Bob Nolet are carrying on the tradition of distilling as the 11th generation of one of the world's most respected vodka brands. It was their father who birthed the idea of the much-enjoyed vodka. Carolus Nolet, Sr. (the 10th generation) took over the family business in 1979, which up until then had mostly produced the traditional Dutch spirit jenever. Carolus had spent time in the U.S. and decided to focus on creating a quality vodka. From there, with research and help from his grandfather's notes, Carolus came up with Ketel One vodka, which combined spirit from the modern process of column distillation with that from the old copper pot still. He named the vodka for the oldest of the stills, Distilleerketel #1. Click here for more information on Ketel One Vodka.