Blog_Airbus1a In today's business culture, travel time is of peak importance. While locomotives were the preferred mode of transportation of a bygone era, the comforts and design live on in the Airbus ACJ319 jet. Blog_Airbus5aCreated for a company in Asia, The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre in Toulouse, France has recently completed an art deco-inspired custom cabin. Combining comfort, function and innovative design, the interior (for up to 19 passengers) features five individual mini-suites – each with its own storage spaces – that evoke the privacy and coziness of a vintage train cabin. Blog_airbus4aThe wide main lounge adjoins a separate parlor where two passengers can share a widescreen movie. The master bedroom offers an ensuite bathroom with a square shower, a private office space and a two-piece sofa that can convert to a conversation nook, with two VIP seats separated by a low table. The brown and cream palette creates a sense of space and simplicity in the cabin and the gold-colored details enhance the classic retro aura. Don't be fooled, though – the retro-styling is paired with current amenities and cabin controls, including Wi-Fi. Two cocktail bars are hidden behind mirrors, emerging when needed with the push of a button. Blog_Airbus2aThe cabin design was the most complex challenge ever completed by Airbus, the company reports. The ACJ319 cabin is 78 feet long by 12 feet wide and the jet can travel up to 6,900 miles nonstop, at speeds up to approximately 540 mph. Click here for more information on the ACJ319.