If so, soil-restoration advocacy group, Kiss The Ground isn’t far off in their sentiments for a solution to global warming that’s right under our feet.  

Recently, The Agency experienced an inspiring glimpse, beyond sustainability, into the world of regenerative agriculture. Kiss The Ground, an organization dedicated to raising awareness for soil restoration worldwide, visited our offices to present the hopeful message of building back healthy soil.

As it turns out, “nature’s technology” not only provides a solution to climate change but to drought as well. If you, like us, haven’t thought about photosynthesis since the 6th grade, you might be surprised to learn that this age-old plant process of pumping carbon from the air into the soil not only restores nutrients to the earth but balances our climate too. Healthy, carbon-rich soil is also highly absorbent, reducing water runoff and evaporation while capturing unwanted toxins in our water supply.  

In a live, hands-on demonstration Kiss the Ground co-founder Finian Makepeace showed us the difference between “dead” soil and carbon-rich “living” soil, which absorbs and retains rainwater.  

Last but not least, we learned that altering farming practices to work with nature’s process can result in billions of tons of carbon pulled from the atmosphere back into the ground to create soil teeming with life, cleaner water, restored habitats, drought resistance, and healthier food.   

For a simple explanation of the carbon cycle (and a refresher on photosynthesis) check out Kiss the Ground’s video, “The Soil Story.”