The daily grind and drudgery associated with plying your trade in an “office space” has been much maligned, and rightly so. As our work evolves to occur primarily in enclosed spaces, often-utilitarian buildings with fluorescent lighting and vaguely uncomfortable forced air conditioning, critics have recognized that these conditions can suppress efficiency. Our work is hard enough, but it’s a challenge to be inspired to reach new heights and perform your job at the highest level if your surroundings are far from ideal.

Thus, it’s a transcendental joy to experience a work environment that truly inspires. Culver City's 10351 Washington Boulevard, designed by noted architect Paul McClean, in conjunction with the owners of Atom Factory, a seminal creative and entrepreneurial force, has redefined the parameters of what a workplace can and should be.

Just as the world is marveling at the visionary $5 billion Apple headquarters, with its unparalleled attention to detail that supports function, so too does Atom Factory’s superlative, 8,671-square-foot space attract envy and admiration. Creative interaction is encouraged and enhanced with the open gathering space, while the more than ten formal, private offices allow contemplative insight and ideas to flourish.

The signature 250-gallon aquarium in the front lobby conveys meaning to all who enter. The kitchen, where staff can prepare their own gourmet meals to enjoy upstairs on the spacious rooftop deck, is the envy of most office drones. Custom touches, like an exterior fire pit, mean people can enjoy a break from work while unwinding with colleagues.

The library fireplace is a cozy environment to brainstorm, while the bar with a 500-bottle, temperature-controlled wine cellar is the ideal place to host esteemed guests and celebrate a successful deal. Everything within the oasis seduces and comforts, rather than most offices, which restrict and control.

The close proximity to hip eateries, as well as services that enable staff to address their daily life needs, provides supreme convenience. Within close reach are the major studios SONY and 20th Century Fox, the talent agencies of Century City and Beverly Hills, and the Silicon Beach tech firms, making 10351 Washington Boulevard the ideal place and signature location for a high-profile business.

For more information on 10351 Washington Boulevard, contact The Agency’s Craig Knizek at [email protected] or 424.230.3718.